/// Big Bandwidth: Unlocking a New Competitive Advantage

July 27, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Image via Shutterstock/ asharkyu Question: What do the following cases all have in common? A doctor telling me that genetic sequencing will help save cancer patients facing a death sentence; an educator describing to me how immersive gaming would increase the effectiveness of education and job training; and entrepreneurs and business owners visualizing the dawning era of Big Data that will revolutionize all manner of collaboration, from the most advanced science to small business services. Answer: They all need much bigger bandwidth than they have today. These opportunities reflect larger economic trends. One is the primacy of knowledge exchange. In the 21st Century information economy, the productivity of every sector depends on its efficacy in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information. Another is the transformational exchange of inputs. A century ago, America established world economic leadership by exchanging iron, coal and trains with steel, electricity, cars and planes. Future leadership now depends on our dexterity in exchanging inputs based on atoms with inputs based on microprocessors, fiber optics and digitization.

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Big Bandwidth: Unlocking a New Competitive Advantage

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