/// Bottlenose Aims to be A Better Search for the Social Web

July 24, 2012  |  All Things Digital

With the rise of the Web over the past few decades, there are data everywhere, a continuous flow of content inundating us from every angle. Google’s powerful algorithm helped us make sense of the Web early on; Page Rank served us up the most relevant results based on links, making sure we were getting the most relevant results. But as social networks like Twitter and Facebook have grown into Web powerhouses, producing billions of pieces of user-generated content every single day, real-time relevance has grown more difficult to achieve. Searching for the most appropriate tweet or the most up-to-the-minute Facebook share isn’t as easy as firing off a Google search — in order to work best, unfortunately, Page Rank requires the passage of time and a history of back links. Bottlenose, a startup launching in public beta on Tuesday, aims to tackle this massive challenge with its own version of real-time social search. Essentially described as a Google for the social Web, using public API inputs from the largest social networks out there: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, as well as photo-sharing sites like Instagram. Enter a search query, and Bottlenose scans each of the networks for the most relevant, current information depending on trends across networks and the influence of the people sharing the content

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Bottlenose Aims to be A Better Search for the Social Web

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