/// This Year — Actually, Today — in Israel

July 23, 2012  |  All Things Digital

I have always meant to travel to Israel to visit its vibrant and energetic tech scene — sometimes dubbed Silicon Wadi . Happily, that will be happening when I take off this afternoon to visit Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa. I am headed there to speak at an Israeli blog conference, called Blogo, which is being run by Saloona , the country’s women’s Web magazine, on the topic of the changes to media in the Internet age. (Though I suspect, given the fervor here, all I will be getting will be questions about new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.) While there, I am going to see a wide range of entrepreneurs and start-ups, which are too numerous to mention and which I am very excited to see. Plus: It’s always a good idea to get out of the echo chamber of Silicon Valley, whether one finds it profoundly deluded or the spit-shiniest place ever (IMHO, it’s both ) — and see the wider world. (Although the last time I took a big international trip to Asia, it was a little dicey for me .) I will be doing numerous reports from there, of course, for the site on the state of tech in Israel, so watch for them. Until then, here is a really interesting report by “60 Minutes” on the thriving scene in Tel Aviv, including a chunk about the digital doings there:

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This Year — Actually, Today — in Israel

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