/// Viral Video: Non-Glacial Glacier Changes

July 22, 2012  |  All Things Digital

It’s easy to get all worked up about the various crises in tech — from the will-Yahoo-make-it-under-Marissa-rule to do-you-believe-what-Google-said-about-Apple-patents to the umpteenth take on Facebook’s botched IPO. But you must take a moment to see this video of a big chunk of a glacier in Greenland “calving” off to understand that there are a lot bigger things to worry about globally. The ending seconds are particularly riveting as complete ice turns to all water in only a few years. By coincidence, I happened to run into a polar scientist at a party this weekend and asked about the 46-square-mile piece of this Petermann Glacier breaking off the mainland. “You might want to think about relocating Silicon Valley in 20 years,” she joked, sort of , about such disturbing natural events raising sea levels. In other words, here’s some perspective, people:

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Viral Video: Non-Glacial Glacier Changes

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