/// The Web’s Primetime Broadband Traffic Jam (Chart)

July 22, 2012  |  All Things Digital

You come home from work, you grab something to eat, and you boot up the Internet. Just like everybody else. Which leads to a traffic jam. Which you can see in this convenient chart from a new FCC broadband study (via Zach Seward , via GigaOm . Phew.) Now, imagine what that chart looks like in a world where cord-cutting, or cord-shaving, or cord-nevering, really does take off. And lots and lots of people are simultaneously hitting Netflix and iTunes and Amazon servers at the same time. Keep that 8-10 pm “busy hour” dip in mind as we head to a world where broadband providers start capping or metering Internet usage – or at least try to wring more profit from broadband by upselling customers to higher connection speeds . When it comes to congestion, when you use the Internet is usually more important than how much you use the Internet.

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The Web’s Primetime Broadband Traffic Jam (Chart)

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