/// New Mobile App Vyclone Aims to Remix Social Video From Every Angle

July 19, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Instagram proved there is such a thing as a billion-dollar app. Now everyone wants a shot at being the next messiah. Naturally, Instagram’s photographic medium laid the foundation for the current round of contenders: Video. The space is already stiff with competition. Viddy, Socialcam, Klip, Mobli — all are fighting for dominance in the space. And now, yet another competitor is throwing its hat into the ring. Vyclone, the mobile application brainchild of David King Lassman and Joe Sumner, made its debut on Apple’s App Store on Thursday morning as a social video application that aims to disrupt the already-crowded space. How, you ask? By incorporating another social layer into the app with multiple cameras. It works like so: Imagine you’re at a concert. You begin filming the band using Vyclone while a friend of yours on the opposite side of the mosh pit decides to do the same. And perhaps yet another two friends in the balcony film their own 60-second clips. After all three finish shooting and uploading their footage to Vyclone’s servers, the app algorithmically cuts and edits a video using the four (or fewer) different video streams, creating one supercut out of all the footage. The app figures out who was shooting at that moment using GPS location data, and automatically includes those streams of footage into the cut. After all that is said and done, you’ve ended up shooting and editing a live music video from multiple angles over the span of a few minutes.

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New Mobile App Vyclone Aims to Remix Social Video From Every Angle

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