/// Microsoft’s Top Liason to PC Makers to Leave Post

June 30, 2012  |  All Things Digital

The head of Microsoft’s unit responsible for interactions with PC makers is shifting jobs. Steve Guggenheimer, a longtime Microsoft veteran, will move to a new, unspecified role at the company. Bloomberg quotes a Microsoft spokesman as saying that Guggenheimer would take a sabbatical before taking on the new role. The move comes just days after Microsoft introduced the Surface tablet, its first effort to compete with its computer maker partners in the market for Windows computers. A version of the Surface running chips from Nvidia is due to ship around the same time that computer makers release their own Windows 8 machines. Computer makers are said to have been given only a very limited heads-up on what Microsoft was planning and sources say many companies are unhappy to find themselves competing against their software provider in the tablet market–one they had hoped would provide a new growth opportunity. Microsoft said in a statement that the leadership change was “as a result of long term planning” and designed to coincide with July 1, the start of Microsoft’s new fiscal year

Microsoft’s Top Liason to PC Makers to Leave Post

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