/// The Smart Money Is on Big Data

June 27, 2012  |  All Things Digital

The average U.S. viewer spends about five hours a day watching television. But the way that viewer watches TV is changing. Connected viewers are now watching more movies and TV shows on their tablets, smartphones and set-top boxes than ever before. Gaming consoles are now entertainment portals, beaming over-the-top video to big-screen TVs. As a direct result of this media shift, a number of emerging and established companies are placing big bets on the future of television, looking to profit from a new media land grab. So where is the smart money in smart media? Content? Technology? Advertising? When you look at the macro and micro trends, it’s clear that the smart money is on Big Data. Big Data and online video analytics deliver extremely personalized media experiences that benefit both viewers and content publishers. Rather than “killing television,” the shift to mobile, multi-screen video viewing offers entertainment and technology companies a tremendous opportunity to create new and profitable digital distribution models. The key is for those companies to collaborate within a media universe that is changing dramatically quarter by quarter. A Rapidly Changing Market How quickly is this space changing? Three years ago, only two percent of video consumption in the U.S. occurred online.

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The Smart Money Is on Big Data

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