/// Ford’s CTO Drives New Silicon Valley Office Opening (Video)

June 24, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Last week, Ford Motor Company officially opened a new “lab” in Silicon Valley, a move to both get it immersed into the tech scene here and also burnish its innovation cred. The reasons for the move — which some other car companies have also made — are myriad, including focusing on leveraging big data from its four million cars that have a variety of sensing and other synching technology embedded in them. It’s all been part of an aggressive effort by Chairman Bill Ford Jr. and CEO Alan Mulally to double down on tech as a key differentiator of its automobiles. That’s included Ford’s nifty hands-free SYNC offering, which lets consumers control a variety of devices without interfering with driving. Detroit-based Ford has opened up the technology to allow third-party development using SYNC. Now comes the inevitable Palo Alto, Calif., office in the heart of the digital industry, to push Ford further and to move the company from the car business to the “mobility” one. That’s according to Paul Mascarenas, the charming CTO of Ford Research and Innovation, who leads the global development and implementation of the company’s technology strategy. He talked about a wide range of issues for automakers going forward — from airbags in seatbelts to cars that sense your every move. Mascarenas even was brave enough to let me drive him around in Ford’s latest all-electric vehicle — the 2012 Ford Focus Electric with a range of 90 miles — which I thankfully did not crash into some geek on University Avenue. Here’s the video of the interview: [ See post to watch video ]

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Ford’s CTO Drives New Silicon Valley Office Opening (Video)

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