/// Apple to Developers: "Get Your Apps Ready for China"

June 12, 2012  |  All Things Digital

The Chinese market has figured prominently in Apple’s quarterly results for some time now. When the company last posted earnings in April, it reported a record $7.9 billion from Greater China — a 3x increase year over year. As CEO Tim Cook said at the time, “It is mind-boggling that we can do this well.” Indeed, first-half revenue for Greater China topped out at $12.4 billion this year — just $1.1 billion short of what it was for all of 2011. Given that, it’s little wonder so much attention is being paid to China in the software updates announced at this year’s WWDC . Apple has added a bevy of new features for Chinese consumers to both iOS and OS X, and it went out of its way to note them during the keynote address that kicked off WWDC today. To iOS 6, Apple has added Baidu as a new built-in search option in Safari. Also onboard: Support for video sharing sites Youku and Tudou and micro-blogging service Sina Weibo. Improved text input has doubled the number of Chinese characters supported in handwriting recognition.

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Apple to Developers: "Get Your Apps Ready for China"

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