/// Facebook: Champion the Mobile Web and Revive Consumer (And Investor) Love

June 8, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Facebook’s IPO stumble has dominated the news and cast a pall on virtually all Silicon Valley companies with a Nasdaq ticker, as well as those thinking about an IPO or even just getting started. The Wall Street Journal runs daily headlines, talk-show commentators fill the airwaves, and Congress and the SEC are investigating. Jane Wells of CNBC even broadcast from a favorite Silicon Valley breakfast spot where VCs, CEOs and Internet gadflies alike say the debacle is as unsightly as a hash scramble. Consumers also are rightly riled. Once fans of Facebook, personal investors have lost significant dollars and “Unliked” their once-favorite social network. Can the movie “The Social Network II” be far behind? I have a recommendation for Facebook to revive its fortunes: Champion the mobile Web, and give the more than one billion (and growing) global mobile 3G subscribers equal access to the games, entertainment and content they want via a mobile browser — and significantly increase revenue at the same time. Right now, every company with a .com moniker is struggling to figure out how to adapt its business to a proprietary mobile applications world. The giants — Apple, Google and Amazon — control the hardware and the application stores. Facebook, the company that in many ways epitomizes all of the promise and potential of the Internet, can’t distribute applications, and will remain stifled if it is itself an application beholden to these application-stores’ policies and punitive taxes.

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Facebook: Champion the Mobile Web and Revive Consumer (And Investor) Love

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