/// Tony Bates on Skype Becoming the Virtual Kitchen Table (Video)

May 31, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Microsoft closed the acquisition of Skype eight months ago for a whopping $8.5 billion. And, today, at D10 , Skype boss Tony Bates said the integration of the two companies is going well , and that he’s busy coming up with ways to serve billions of monthly users . Bates talked a lot about how he was investing in mobile, including phones and tablets, to reach his aggressive growth targets, as well as, solutions for the living room. During the interview and following Q&A session, Bates repeatedly answered questions about how Skype hasn’t — or has — changed since the merger. One thing he said won’t change is that he’ll still have the opportunity to build the service on non-Microsoft products, such as Android and iOS. But he was clear about what he wasn’t open to — creating it so users could access Skype with people using different video-calling services. “It’s critical to what we do,” he said. Watch those highlights and others in this video: [ See post to watch video ]

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Tony Bates on Skype Becoming the Virtual Kitchen Table (Video)

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