/// How Dell Moved an Exec Across Texas for Only $9,655 a Mile

May 25, 2012  |  All Things Digital

And while we’re speaking of Dell, another news item on that company caught my eye this morning. Footnoted, the Morningstar-owned blog that specializes in the meatier details of regulatory filings, noticed a few interesting facts from Dell’s proxy filing made yesterday. Among the items worthy of note: CEO Michael Dell’s compensation package came in north of $16.1 million, or more than three times what he made last year. This despite consistently missing forecasts . Stephen F. Schuckenbrock, whose title is “President, Services,” received $1.9 million in relocation benefits in order to move from Round Rock, Texas, to Plano, Texas. Okay, except Footnoted looked at a map and noticed the distance between them is only about 200 miles, in which case the move works out to $9,655.19 a mile. And while the filing concedes that the benefits included a cash payment of $1.5 million to compensate Schuckenbrock for the loss on his house, even excluding that amount it works out to $2,079 a mile.

How Dell Moved an Exec Across Texas for Only $9,655 a Mile

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