Bill Silbermann

/// Bill Silbermann

Courtesy of BI

Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann just gave an interview with Hunch founder Chris Dixon at SXSW.

As he took the stage, the audience cheered.

The soft spoken, thoughtful founder hasn’t given many interviews before, but he oozed intelligence; not one word was wasted.

Silbermann spoke about his career before Pinterest. Despite slow initial growth, Silbermann told the crowd why he never gave up on the startup.

As a child, Silbermann enjoyed collecting things, from insects to stamps.  “What you collect says so much about who you are,” he mused.  Pinterest was built to help people continue their collections online.

Prior to Pinterest, the Iowa native worked for Google but didn’t come from an engineering background.  Silbermann’s parents were doctors and he was pre-med in college. During his junior year, Silbermann had a change of heart.

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