/// Eleven Things About Demand Media’s Richard Rosenblatt

May 18, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt is perennially upbeat, and given the fact that his company just turned in a strong Q1 despite potentially disastrous changes in Google’s all-important search algorithm, he’s got good cause, at least for now. Here, in keeping with the Ten Things tradition of sharing more than 10 things, are 11 things about Rosenblatt: What qualities do you like in a person? I admire people who are curious, innovative, respectful to everyone and eternally optimistic. I firmly believe that the best days are in front of us and we must always try new things while learning from others, in order to continually grow as people. What qualities do you dislike? People who are constantly negative rather than being constructive, or those who are jealous of another’s success. Being positive is a state of mind and all about how you perceive a situation — is it a permanent fall or a chance to learn and get back up? I’m also disillusioned by how negatively people react to another’s success when it’s not a zero sum game. What’s the single most important issue in the world today? Education. No question. Whether it’s formal or informal. There is unlimited knowledge available via the Internet, and we need to find an effective way to spread this knowledge globally to people who can benefit from it. Do you still buy CDs or rent DVDs? No, I download all media on my iPad or stream it through services such as Spotify or Netflix. What would you be doing if you were not in your current job? I’d be looking for the next opportunity to innovate in the online media landscape and increase my lecturing opportunities at UCLA and USC. What is your greatest achievement to date?

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Eleven Things About Demand Media’s Richard Rosenblatt

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