/// Turner Unveils a Slew of Scripted Series

May 16, 2012  |  Media Week

It's crime time again at TNT. Turner held its annual upfront breakfast at the Hammerstein ballroom this morning, unveiling new shows for TNT, a ton of new products for TBS and hefty development slates at both. The network also announced a major partnership with “Funny or Die,” making it the latest traditional media organization to team up with a digital video provider. The partnership seems to be a little more suited to this evening's Adult Swim upfront, so expect to hear more about it tonight. The presentation opened with a very funny video—all but signed in the corner by Conan O'Brien—extravagantly apologizing for last year's technical foul-up, in which the power went out mid-presentation and everyone from Conan to Ray Romano to Steve Koonin came out and told jokes while the problem was fixed. “I'm sure you've learned from your mistakes,” O'Brien told Koonin. “You're not going to have it at 9:30 in the morning again, are you?” Silence from the boss.

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Turner Unveils a Slew of Scripted Series

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