Internet Week NY Displays A Rising NYC Tech Scene

/// Internet Week NY Displays A Rising NYC Tech Scene

May 16, 2012  |  Blog

From Foursquare to Tumblr, lots of today’s hot tech companies are being grown in New York City. The fifth annual Internet Week NY, which began Monday and will run through May 21, is designed to, among other things, recognize companies like them and help foster startups shooting for similar success.

“The cool thing about Internet Week NY is it’s entirely programmed and curated by the city’s internet community,” said Internet Week co-chairman David-Michael Davies. “We have about 225-250ish events happening throughout the city and they really range. We have some art events happening in galleries in SoHo, we have conferences happening in Midtown, panels, conferences and talks and classroom sessions, technology exhibitors.”

Many people at Internet Week NY will tell you they’re most excited about what this event represents in terms of how well the tech industry in New York has re-emerged since the big dot-com bubble burst back in the 90s.

Back in 1995, Chan Suh started and became one of “those guys”: young, tech-savvy, overnight bazillionaire. Now, he’s starting a new tech company called BroomeCrosby Ltd.

Suh says things have changed in Silicon Alley. In his opinion, it’s for the better.

“There are a lot more people in NY who can melt the technology and media business together now,” he said. “The foundation is much stronger. There used to be a few spectacular infusions of cash in the 90s. Now it’s much more steady and planned.”

City officials beam when talking about a new study from the Center for an Urban Future that puts the Big Apple behind just Silicon Valley for most Internet and mobile technology startups.

“Most recently, the report New Tech City found that NYC was the only region in the US to show an increase in the amount of venture funding between the time of 2007 and 2011,” said Rachel Sterne, New York City’s chief digital officer.

For more about the actual week and a schedule of events, most of which are open to the public, check out

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