/// A Million Users? Pshaw. What’s a Hit in Today’s Metrics?

May 11, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Illustration via Shutterstock | Picsfive This week Rovio said its Angry Birds games have been downloaded more than a billion times . That’s a serious milestone, and beyond that there’s no doubt about the cultural effect of the franchise’s stuffed animals, movie tie-ins and repeat success with new titles. So I think it’s fair to call Angry Birds a smashing success. But on a daily basis, we get pitched by start-ups who want to talk about how they have a thousandth of that many users. Really, a million registered users? Does that even matter anymore? Well, yes — maybe for a paid subscription service or a marketplace. It’s not quite as impressive for a social game or a photo- or video-sharing service. How do you know when something hits the big time, between numbers of downloads, users, visitors, page views, subscriptions, customers, monthly actives and daily actives, engagement, growth curves, millions and billions?

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A Million Users? Pshaw. What’s a Hit in Today’s Metrics?

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