/// Sprint Product Exec: Launching LTE Devices Before Network Just Makes Sense

May 8, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Sprint isn’t too concerned that it is selling LTE devices but has yet to officially launch the high-speed service anywhere in the U.S. “I think it is much to-do about nothing,” Sprint VP Fared Adib told AllThingsD in an interview on Tuesday. Customers sign up for two-year contracts, Adib said, and it makes sense for customers who want to have the latest technology get a device that will meet their needs throughout that time. People should be more concerned if Sprint weren’t doing that, he said. “We’ve done this before,” he said. “So has every other carrier.” Adib noted that Sprint’s LTE deployment, which will start with a few cities around midyear , will be faster than the rollout of prior technologies, including its 2G, 3G and WiMax networks. Speaking of WiMax, Sprint may not be introducing new phones for its flagship brand , but it is now extending that technology to its Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile prepaid services. Virgin and Boost both announced plans to start selling a Wi-Max device from HTC. (Virgin has a variant of the Evo 3D, while Boost will sell a phone similar to the traditional Evo 4G.) The company has said it plans to continue offering WiMax service through at least 2015. Also on Tuesday, Sprint announced a new bundle of family safety and security applications under the Sprint Guardian banner

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Sprint Product Exec: Launching LTE Devices Before Network Just Makes Sense

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