/// Driving Home a Better Future in the Connected Car

April 30, 2012  |  All Things Digital

In the future cars will be shared, able to avoid traffic and, above all, driverless. Or, at least that’s the hope of several of the speakers at last week’s MLOVE conference in Monterey . Looking the furthest into the future was Brad Templeton , a consultant to Google and former head chairman of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Templeton outlined the impact that driverless cars could have — everything from fewer traffic deaths to lower emissions to less space allotted for roads and parking. Just reducing the 34,000 annual car-related deaths in the U.S. should be reason enough to go driverless, but Templeton notes it would also allow for fewer cars that could be available on demand and take up less space. “Human drivers are really kind of bad,” Templeton said

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Driving Home a Better Future in the Connected Car

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