/// Welcome to Mac App Store: Population 10,000

April 27, 2012  |  All Things Digital

When Apple first launched the Mac App Store in January of 2011, it featured just over 1,000 apps. Today, it boasts a number 10 times that. As noted by MacRumors and MacGeneration , the Mac App Store now hosts well over 10,000 apps — 10,334, to be exact. So, a new milestone to add to the 100 million app downloads mark announced last December. Now, 10,000 apps is a paucity compared to the 600,000 or so apps available in the iOS App Store. But remember, the Mac App Store is a PC software store that’s changing a longstanding software purchasing paradigm. And changing a decades-old paradigm is far more difficult than creating a brand new one.

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Welcome to Mac App Store: Population 10,000

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