/// Deutsche Telekom Aims to Lookout for Mobile Users’ Security

April 23, 2012  |  All Things Digital

Deutsche Telekom is partnering with mobile security vendor Lookout to ensure that T-Mobile customers are better protected against viruses and other threats. The German telecommunications firm is working with the security start-up to protect its large base of European Android users. “We see a growing challenge to how we can secure our smartphones,” Deutsche Telekom Senior VP Heikki Makijarvi said in a telephone interview. Makijarvi said that his company can do a lot to secure its network, but that only goes so far when users are downloading any number of third-party applications. Lookout’s global reach helps since new threats can crop up anywhere in the world. “They detect it wherever it happens,” he said, even in “China or Asia where we do not have operations.” As part of the deal, Lookout will also get some space at a Berlin office and work with Deutsche Telekom to develop new services over the next six to nine months.

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Deutsche Telekom Aims to Lookout for Mobile Users’ Security

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