/// Beefcake Repairmen, Mock Olympics and Yet More Dragons

April 20, 2012  |  Media Week

Quick, read every television programming story written in the last week. Actually, now that you're done, it's the week after and you're really behind. Or, as an alternative, just start coming here on Fridays. I'm Sam Thielman, Adweek 's cable reporter, and every column after this one will pop up at the end of the week with a breakdown of what's happening in development, series orders, renewals, and cancelations. Occasionally casting, too. We're calling it The Slate – it's not meant to be exhaustive, but it is meant to be interesting and occasionally funny and hopefully predictive of what will be worth checking out in the next few months and years. I'll provide a little color rather than just rehashing press releases, and I'll also salt these items with as much related news and gossip as I can dig up, so hopefully you'll see some things you didn't know even if you already knew that, say, Game of Thrones was getting renewed, and you'll be able to check me out every Friday and feel like you're caught up on the week's programming news.

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