/// MySpace Suffers From Premature Syndication

April 18, 2012  |  Media Week

Arguably the biggest hang-up in airing an original series online is keeping control of distribution. Well, a recent mess involving Fox Digital Studio, MySpace and online video site MyPod Studios won't help matters. Fox Digital had granted MySpace exclusive ad-supported online distribution rights for its digital-only series “Wolfpack of Reseda” and began airing the series on the social-network-cum-enigma in February (the series is also available on a pay or subscription basis via iTunes and Netflix). But on April 6 Adweek learned that the series was also available at Wolfpackpod.com , a domain owned and operated by online video platform MyPod Studios. How’d that happen? Jay Miletsky, founder and CEO of MyPod Studios, said a distributor supplied MyPod with the series content before asking the site to remove the series last week after it had been available for roughly a week. He refused to say whether the distributor was MySpace, Fox Digital Studio or another party. Dan Berger, vp of corporate communications at Fox Digital’s parent company News Corp., said in an email this week that “MySpace is the exclusive ad-supported distributor for Wolfpack and the only place to watch it for free at launch.” That language would seem to indicate MySpace would eventually be clear to deliver the series to MyPod without issue. But a source said that while MySpace may syndicate the series in the future, Wolfpack's appearance on MyPod was inadvertent, which is why the series was taken down as soon as it was discovered

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MySpace Suffers From Premature Syndication

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