/// How to Find Out if Your Mac Is in the Infected 1 Percent

April 10, 2012  |  All Things Digital

The chatter in computer security circles last week and over the weekend was about the Mac. A weakness in Oracle’s Java has led to the infection of some 600,000 Macs with malware, creating the first known Botnet comprised of machines on that platform. Naturally, Windows apologists, sick of being the target of a decade of malware-based ridicule , were quick to jump up and down and scream that the Mac’s newfound market success has made it the next natural target for malware creators. One thing that has been lacking of yet is a course of action for the 1 percent of Macs in use that have been hit with the malware. Kaspersky Labs, which did a thorough analysis of the malware today launched a Web-based tool to determine if your Mac is among those known to have contracted it. The tool checks the Mac’s UUID number against a database of machines known to be affected and tells you if you have it, and if you don’t know what a UUID number is, it shows you how to find it

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How to Find Out if Your Mac Is in the Infected 1 Percent

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