/// Live: RIM’s New CEO Acknowledges It Is Time for Change

March 29, 2012  |  All Things Digital

RIM is set for yet another tough chat with investors following another lower-than-expected earnings report and several executive departures . However, unlike in past calls, RIM says it won’t be giving any specific guidance for the current quarter. The call is just getting under way. AllThingsD will provide live coverage. 2:04 pm : Call just getting started. We’re still hearing about forward looking statements and risk factors. 2:05 pm : CEO Thorsten Heins takes over the call. “I’ve been the CEO of RIM for just over 10 weeks now,” Heins said, noting that he has spent most of that time meeting with various stakeholders and reviewing the company. “I did my own reality check.” “It is now every clear to me that substantial change is what RIM needs,” Heins said, striking a different tone than when he initially took the helm. Plans to refocus on enterprise market, noting RIM has been late to the “bring your own device” trend, but says RIM is committed to regaining lost share. BlackBerry won’t try to be all things to all people, Heins said, saying it won’t be focusing on all areas of the consumer market, including media services. 2:09 pm : Heins says RIM will pull back on various consumer services that it had tried to build over the last couple of years. “As a result we will be looking at ways to scale back these activities,” he said. 2:10 pm : Heins notes competitive pressure continues to increase as the company lacks products at the high-end, including support for next-generation LTE networks.

Live: RIM’s New CEO Acknowledges It Is Time for Change

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