/// AllThingsD Takes SXSW by Storm (In Pictures)

March 13, 2012  |  All Things Digital

SXSW Interactive is, thankfully, almost over. We came, we saw, we ate from food trucks. We stood in lines in the rain (grudgingly wearing branded ponchos), we strained our eyes and ears for any slivers of news that might come out of the panels, and we got more texts and buzzes and pings from our phones’ location-based and messaging apps than we thought was technically possible. We learned that video games are good for you , that TV has ruined politics in the U.S. and that social media should fix it, and that Jimmy Fallon has different activities in mind when he thinks of “activity wristbands.” We learned how to be disruptive . We heard Google’s designers explain how they convinced their company to take on that infamous redesign . We identified one of the worst marketing gimmicks in all of Austin (aside from this controversial one ), and heard about all the crazy tasks SXSW-ers hired people to do for them. We learned that an impromptu Jay-Z concert will light up Twitter like it’s Arab Spring in Austin. We hosted not one but two parties at SXSW, announcing at the first event the new All Things Reviewed section of our Web site. Since words can only say so much, we’ve put together a slideshow for you, below, and our full list of stories is below that: RELATED POSTS: The Homeless Defend Becoming Hotspots Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann’s Lesson for Start-Ups: Go Your Own Way The Best and Weirdest Requests and Errands at SXSW From Zaarly, TaskRabbit and Others Al Gore and Sean Parker Blame TV and Money for Ruining Politics, and Say Social Media Ought to Fix It Letters From SXSW: How to Be “Disruptive” SXSW News: Jerry Levin’s StartUp Health Academy for Entrepreneurs Announces First Class The Best (And Worst) Marketing Gimmick in Austin Forget Cleantech — It’s Cleanweb at SXSW Houston Comes to Austin as Kara Swisher Talks Lessons Learned with Dropbox CEO After Nearly Doubling Its Userbase in Three Months, Instagram Will Finally Come to Android The Power of Power at South By Southwest How Jimmy Fallon Uses the Nike FuelBand (It’s Naughty, Of Course) Gawker Will Deputize Commenters, Says Sheriff Nick Denton Microsoft’s Danah Boyd: Social Media Makes the World More Fearful Etsy CEO on Building a Lean Start-Up: Deploy, Deploy, Deploy South By Southwest Parties On, Despite the Rain At SXSW, Joi Ito Invites Tech Entrepreneurs Into the MIT Media Lab Texas Gov. Rick Perry Drops In on South By Southwest Can Playing More Games Make Your Life “SuperBetter”? Jane McGonigal Thinks So. Google’s Vic Gundotra on Why Plus Isn’t a Minus Rain Douses Austin as Crowds Flood Into SXSW Checking In and Checking Out South by Southwest SXSW Serendipity Gets Yet Another Helper: Kismet The Essential SXSW Tech Tool Kit Geek in the Heart of Texas: AllThingsD at SXSW 2012

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AllThingsD Takes SXSW by Storm (In Pictures)

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