/// South By Southwest Parties On, Despite the Rain

March 10, 2012  |  All Things Digital

As the people pushed to get in, the music thumped and the crowd gyrated at the Samsung Feed event, I tried to remember the time in high school when I actually wanted to go to something like this. These days, though, I’m envious of this generation’s nerdy kids with their Friday and Saturday nights home. After a few minutes hanging out with Samsung and the Angry Birds folks showing off Angry Birds Space, I decided to beat a hasty retreat. On the way back, though, I got some glimpses of the nightlife I was forgoing: Bars with signature cocktails, Trucks cooking up BBQ and Mexican fusion and party scenes that were just warming up. Here are some images from my brief attempt to see the SXSW party scene.

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South By Southwest Parties On, Despite the Rain

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