/// FCC Looks for More Answers in Verizon Cable Deals

March 8, 2012  |  Media Week

Verizon Wireless' pending spectrum deal with four cable companies—which includes a joint venture with its former rivals—isn't going over smoothly with regulators or its critics. The Federal Communications Commission, one of two regulators that must approve the $3.9 billion deal between Verizon and cable companies Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Bright House and Cox, has requested the parties provide more information and turn over material that was previously redacted from the commercial marketing agreements filed with the FCC. The companies must provide the information by March 22. In addition to the requests for more information, the FCC extended the reply comments filing deadline until March 26, giving interested parties more time to chime in about the game-changing transaction. Since Verizon announced the potential agreements at the end of last year, public interest groups and several of Verizon's wireless competitors, including Sprint, T-Mobile, and DirecTV, raised red flags, especially over the agreement's potential impacts on wireless competition. The marketing deals create a joint venture between two would-be wireless competitors, allowing Verizon and the cable companies to sell each other's products and services. The FCC's action today gave critics of the deal some hope that the FCC's Wireless Bureau—the same bureau that took a hard line with the AT&T/ T-Mobile deal—will give the Verizon plan more scrutiny

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FCC Looks for More Answers in Verizon Cable Deals

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