/// CBS’s "60 Minutes" Casts Its Eye on Stuxnet Worm

March 4, 2012  |  All Things Digital

It’s been almost two years since the infamous and mysterious computer worm known as Stuxnet was first detected by a team of researchers in Belarus. Opinions on this vary, but the worm that is said to have caused explosions at certain nuclear installations in Iran is thought to have set that country’s alleged nuclear energy and weapons ambitions back by as much as much as two years . The fascination persists. Though no one has ever taken official responsibility for it — the leading suspects in its creation are Israel and the U.S., acting together or independently — Stuxnet is considered widely considered to have been the most successful and innovative weapon of digital warfare ever seen. And though numerous media accounts have, with the help of anonymous sources, filled in some of the narrative around its development, the subject of the covert cyber campaign against the Iranian nuclear program has generally remained outside the attention envelope of mainstream TV audiences. That will change Sunday night when CBS’s popular television news documentary show “60 Minutes” turns its attention on Stuxnet, and the concept of offensive cyberwar generally.

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CBS’s "60 Minutes" Casts Its Eye on Stuxnet Worm

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