/// When Autonomous Flying Robots Fail

March 2, 2012  |  All Things Digital

A presentation of progressively fantastical feats performed by a cadre of flying robots — jumping through hoops, collaborating with each other and playing the James Bond theme — was a huge hit at the TED conference this week . Now, see what it looked like when the “quadrotors” crashed. Yup, it’s a flying robot blooper reel: Here’s the full talk from TED this week by University of Pennsylvania’s Vijay Kumar: (Hat tip Farhad Manjoo .) RELATED POSTS: Put Down the Phone and Learn to Be Alone (And to Listen), Says Sherry Turkle at TED A TED View of the Future: Hypersonic Gliders, Liquid Batteries and Flying Robots At TED, Susan Cain Tells Business Leaders: Honor Thy Introverts TED Tech Preview: Robots, Crowdsourcing and Bill Nye

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When Autonomous Flying Robots Fail

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