/// App-Happy: Why App-Search Apps Are All the Rage

March 2, 2012  |  All Things Digital

There are deal apps, there are app-discovery apps, and now there are app-discovery apps for app deals. App-o-Day , a new mobile app launching today, is branding itself as the “Groupon of apps” and serving up an app deal of the day. For example, an app that might normally be 99 cents might be free for a limited time; another app might be featured because there’s a good deal offered within the app. The free iOS App-o-Day app was created by Iddiction, a new start-up from mobile games veteran Andrej Nabergoj. He employs a team of 15 people who go out and speak with developers, then handpick and test the apps that are promoted in App-o-Day. But App-o-Day isn’t just about helping users find a good app deal. It’s also about helping them find mobile apps in general, as apps for searching apps become increasingly valuable.

App-Happy: Why App-Search Apps Are All the Rage

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