/// After Five Years, Draw Something Is an Overnight Hit for OMGPOP. Now What?

February 29, 2012  |  All Things Digital

OMGPOP is a gaming company that has been plugging away at it for some 5 years, backed by $16 million in venture funding.  It’s had OK but not overwhelming results. Until this month, when it released Draw Something . The game is essentially a mobile version of Pictionary, and for whatever reason it’s a huge hit. Maybe it touches on some of the same things that Words with Friends mines, except it doesn’t require spelling. In any case, it’s currently atop both the free and paid charts at the iTunes App store. And because it’s the kind of game that gets better as more people play it, it’s probably going to stay there for a while. CEO Dan Porter says Draw Something, which didn’t exist a month ago, is now averaging 2 million active users a day. So how does a startup ride that kind of rocket growth? Bigger question: Now what? I asked Porter to jot down some thoughts about what he’s learned the last few weeks, and what he thinks happens next. This is an edited version of his email replies: All Hands On Deck Two weeks ago there were five people working on the game. Now there are 40 people. We redeployed resources from a ton of other projects, and with the growth even those people are maxed out. If we were a 10-person company now instead of a 40-person company we would be dead. It causes disruptions when people are quickly moved from one thing to another, but everyone likes being associated with a winner. Self-Reliance We started out heavily reliant on Facebook and Amazon S3. We started making too many calls to S3, and almost took down one of their data centers

After Five Years, Draw Something Is an Overnight Hit for OMGPOP. Now What?

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