/// Regulators to Google: Watch it With Those Standards Essential Patents

February 14, 2012  |  All Things Digital

The European Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice cleared Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility Monday, but not without an important caveat — one notably shared by both agencies. Regulators warned Google that their approval of the $12.5-billion acquisition does preclude continued monitoring of the company’s use of MoMo’s arsenal of 17,000 patents — particularly those deemed standards essential (SEP). Both agencies are clearly very wary of the possibility for their misuse, given Google’s recent endorsement of the not-really-fair-and-reasonable-at-all licensing terms Motorola Mobility has been trying to squeeze out of Apple and others — 2.25 percent of the net selling price in which its patented technology is used. And their dueling statements announcing the approval of the merger reflect this. Here’s here’s the DOJ: “In light of the importance of this industry to consumers and the complex issues raised by the intersection of the intellectual property rights and antitrust law at issue here, as well as uncertainty as to the exercise of the acquired rights, the division continues to monitor the use of SEPs in the wireless device industry, particularly in the smartphone and computer tablet markets.

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Regulators to Google: Watch it With Those Standards Essential Patents

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