/// Giants-Pats Set TV Ratings Record

February 6, 2012  |  Media Week

The NFL season that almost didn’t happen ended on a suitably triumphant note, as the instant classic rematch of the New York Giants and New England Patriots broke the all-time ratings record. According to Nielsen, NBC’s coverage of Super Bowl XLVI served up 111.3 million total viewers Sunday night, squeaking past last year’s record turnout by 0.3 percent. The Giants’ 21-17 victory marked the seventh consecutive year of ratings growth for the Super Bowl, which first broke the 100 million viewer mark two years ago. (The Saints-Colts broadcast delivered 106.5 million viewers on Feb. 7, 2010.) In keeping with the game’s nail-biting intensity, deliveries increased as the night wore on. The opening kickoff was seen by approximately 99.2 million viewers, while approximately 114 million people looked on as Madonna performed in the halftime show. Viewership peaked (117.7 million) between 9:30 pm and 9:58 PM EST, a period that featured Giants’ running back Ahmad Bradshaw scoring what was to be the winning touchdown and Pats’ QB Tom Brady throwing up a last-ditch Fail Mary that fell harmlessly to the turf. Although Patriots fans would have you believe otherwise, Super Bowl XLVI proved to be a perfect capper to a season that once looked as if it might never come to fruition. After a four-month lockout, the NFL and the

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