/// Cross at the Crossroads

January 17, 2012  |  Media Week

David Cross has a lot going on these days. His The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret , a London-based IFC series he co-wrote, entered its second season this month, and last November, Netflix confirmed that it is developing a new season of Arrested Development — the offbeat comedy Cross co-starred in that was cancelled by Fox after three seasons in 2006 but achieved a massive cult following via DVDs and the Web. Adweek spoke to Cross about a “phenomenal” smoked turkey sandwich and how he “intentionally misled” IFC. Adweek : Can you tell us anything new about Arrested Development ? I’m not being cute in any way when I say this, but I know as much as you know. I have the same source of information, which is, 90 percent of the time, the Internet. That’s how I found out about the Netflix thing. But what do you think about the show being picked up by an online streaming service like Netflix? I would suspect that unlike Fox, they will give very few notes and just say, “Look, you do what we’re hiring you to do. You’re the best person to do that. We’ll leave you alone, go shoot it and God bless every one of us.” How do you think it could impact the show? I would imagine it would negate any inside jokes about working for Fox. There’s also going to be absolutely no eye toward ad revenue or “we need to get social conservatives in Kansas to watch the show.” Netflix won’t care about that . . . Now ask a long question, because I’m going to take a bite of sandwich. What kind of sandwich? That was a very short question

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