/// Sarah Lacy Debuts New Tech Site, PandoDaily — and Guess Who’s Working for Her? (Video)

January 16, 2012  |  All Things Digital

As has been widely reported, well-known TechCrunch columnist and Silicon Valley journalist Sarah Lacy has a new gig: Running her own new tech news site that debuts today. (She’s pictured here with another recent adorable start-up of hers named Eli.) Not so widely reported? The site, called PandoDaily.com, will feature three of TechCrunch’s most high-profile former bloggers: Michael Arrington, M.G. Siegler and Paul Carr. That’s right, Lacy is Arrington’s boss this time around — even though his CrunchFund venture firm will also be an investor in a funding round of more than $2 million for PandoDaily. Other investors — whom Lacy described as “people I like and respect” — include a panoply of tech movers and shakers, including personal investments from Marc Andreessen, Peter Thiel, Matt Cohler, Josh Kopelman, Zach Nelson, Andrew Anker, Saul Klein and Chris Dixon, as well as seed investments from Greylock Partners’ Discovery Fund, SV Angel, Lerer Ventures, Accel Partners and Menlo Ventures. Ignoring the delicious epic revenge part of this on AOL — which bought TechCrunch and then promptly presided over a tech version of War of the Roses (and is ironically an investor via CrunchFund) — PandoDaily will focus on start-ups in Silicon Valley and everywhere else that homegrown spirit of innovations reaches. “This is not TechCrunch 2.0,” said Lacy to me in an interview last week.

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Sarah Lacy Debuts New Tech Site, PandoDaily — and Guess Who’s Working for Her? (Video)

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