/// Facebook Finds Quieter Ways to Complain About Google’s Search+

January 13, 2012  |  All Things Digital

While Twitter lead the charge this week in publicly and unequivocally blasting Google’s new promotion of Google+ in its search results , Facebook stayed quieter. Well, on the surface. Multiple stories about Google and Facebook’s 2009 failed negotiations over a search deal can clearly be traced back to Facebook. Facebook says it couldn’t come to terms with Google over how to handle private content; Google says Facebook wanted a clause that would have prevented Google from building its own social service. Meanwhile, Facebook employees criticized Google’s moves in public status updates. Multiple prominent Facebookers shared and endorsed a Gizmodo article by Mat Honan about switching his default search engine to Bing after “Google broke itself.” They included Pedram Keyani, an engineering manager who is a frequent public face of Facebook; Paul Adams, the former Google user experience researcher whose ideas about social circles were famously influential there, but who for Facebook left before Google+ launched; and Joe Lockhart, the former White House press secretary who is now Facebook VP of global communications. Keyani wrote of the Gizmodo story, This is a pretty interesting read. Google became something we love because they always focused on speed and giving us the best results. They have made a pretty big departure from that with their most recent change. They say fear is a great motivator (fear of facebook and twitter) but I think in this case it has also clouded their vision. Google was my first real fulltime job the direction they are moving in makes me sad. I hope they find their way

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Facebook Finds Quieter Ways to Complain About Google’s Search+

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