/// CES 2012: Snooki and Bieber Are In, Gaga Is Out!

January 7, 2012  |  All Things Digital

One thing the annual Consumer Electronics Show is known for — aside from all the electronics and promises of life-betterment they bring — is the smattering of celebrities who have been roped into doing product promotions or are going for some TMZ-friendly Las Vegas fun. This year, none other than Justin Bieber is scheduled to stop by the event, while repeat attendee Lady Gaga is not. And CES is also about to get Snookified. Gaga first appeared at CES in 2010, when it was announced she would be taking the role of creative director at Polaroid. Attendees and members of the press went a little gaga for Gaga , who certainly livened up the event. At last year’s show, Gaga again appeared at the Polaroid booth, and unveiled three new products (two of which, we reported earlier , have yet to hit the market, as is not uncommon for some of the products showcased at CES.) A spokesperson for Polaroid said Lady Gaga is still currently creative director for its Grey Label line, but is not scheduled to be at CES this year due to her demanding schedule. So, let’s get to Bieber. The 17-year-old singing sensation is scheduled to appear at a booth for TOSY, a Vietnamese robotics company. I’ve been told he is not doing interviews, so all the 14-year-old girls out there wishing they were the Tavi Gevinson of consumer electronics coverage can hold off on bombarding the CEA with requests for press badges. On to Snooki: The pint-sized “Jersey Shore” star will be there, not for high-tech tanning beds or electronic Bumpits, but to help hype iHip, a maker of audio accessories

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CES 2012: Snooki and Bieber Are In, Gaga Is Out!

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