/// "Uncomfortable Dance": Here’s the Sexual Harassment Letter That Got Mark Hurd Fired

December 30, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Finally, you can read for yourself about the controversial allegations of sexual harassment that eventually led to the departure of Hewlett-Packard’s CEO Mark Hurd from his job. Here’s the entire letter. Yes, that letter. AllThingsD has finally obtained the June 24, 2010, letter that celebrity attorney Gloria Allred wrote to Hurd, then-CEO of HP, on behalf of Jodie Fisher, the onetime actress and marketing contractor who had worked for HP as a greeter and hostess at company events. It was set to come out soon enough, following a decision earlier today by the Supreme Court of Delaware requiring that its contents be made public. And it is as full of drama as expected. “It is appalling that you would use HP revenues for the purpose of procuring female companionship and romance under the guise of HP business,” reads the letter, in a more sedate part. In reaction to a query from ATD about the missive, Ken Glueck of Oracle, where Hurd now serves as co-president, said: “This letter was recanted by Ms. Fisher. She admitted it was full of inaccuracies.” He-said-she-said aside, as you’ll read below, the letter — copiously and often in soap-operatic terms — details the alleged sexual harassment and other improprieties that ultimately led to Hurd’s resignation from HP in 2010. AllThingsD has also obtained copies of related letters that paint the most complete picture yet of what happened in the days leading up to and following Hurd’s resignation, and his subsequent hiring by rival Oracle later that year. (We’ll post those separately.) But the first letter, which is the most critical and which contains only minor redactions, is where it all started.

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"Uncomfortable Dance": Here’s the Sexual Harassment Letter That Got Mark Hurd Fired

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