/// Christy Wyatt on How Motorola Plans to Stand Out From the Android Pack

December 30, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Even as it prepares to be swallowed up by Google, Motorola Mobility is hardly standing still. One of the key driving forces behind the company is Christy Wyatt, a former Palm and Apple executive, now corporate vice president and general manager for mobile devices at Motorola. In an interview earlier this month, Wyatt talked about how the company is trying to stand out in an increasingly crowded Android field. Here’s a partial transcript of our interview: AllThingsD: Where do you see the opportunity to invest to make your Android devices better than others? Christy Wyatt: We’ve focused over the past year in four key areas. They’ve moved a little bit away from what I’d call aesthetics and focused more on user experience and performance. The first is modality. You saw us earlier in the year launch our first Web-top platform with the lap dock. This is really the concept that your phone is really enough for you 80 or 90 percent, but sometimes — if you are writing a long article, for example — you are going to want a keyboard. That doesn’t mean you want a different device. You might want a different way of accessing the device you are already using. You don’t have to be carrying 52 cords and 52 chargers and multiple data plans. The second one is this concept of “content anywhere.” We’re not a content company, per se. We don’t have a music store or a video store or a book store. We’ve really never gone down that path, because we believe the consumer has many viable paths for buying content already. From a consumer’s perspective, I’m less interested in selling you yet another 99-cent song. I’m more interested in giving you an integrated view of where all your stuff is. When I say, “show me my music,” I mean all of my music, not just the stuff I bought from the store on that particular device

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Christy Wyatt on How Motorola Plans to Stand Out From the Android Pack

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