/// Shot in Arm Expected for 2012 Political Ad Spend

December 27, 2011  |  Media Week

After an unusually slow start at the end of 2011, political ad spending is likely to ramp up rapidly in 2012. Last week, MediaVest distributed a report to clients predicting political spending will jump by as much as 30 percent from four years ago—possibly reaching $4 billion—with the bulk of spending going to local television outlets. The report warns that the bump will crowd out nonpolitical advertisers. “Every election year breaks records. We’re definitely going to see a big bump in spending in 2012,” said Maribeth Papuga, who oversees local TV and radio purchases as director of Local Video Investment and Activation at MediaVest. Papuga says that with campaigns and outside political interest groups raising huge amounts of money , “in some states, you could see even more than a 30 percent rise in spending.” The predicted upswing comes on the heels of a fall in which the political ad marketplace was “much slower to get started,” than in previous cycles, said Ken Goldstein, president of the Campaign Media Analysis Group at research firm Kantar Media.

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