/// ‘Man’ Down! ABC Sends Sitcom to the Showers

December 9, 2011  |  Media Week

Take the “e” out of “dude” and you have a good indication of how this season’s crop of Paleolithic-man comedies is faring. Man Up! , a 22-minute compendium of fart jokes and protracted adolescence, has been excised from ABC’s Tuesday night lineup, joining the equally vapid CBS strip How to Be a Gentleman on the trash heap. While it became apparent that Man Up! wasn’t long for this world when ABC released its midseason schedule—the plan was to pull the plug on Jan. 3, replacing it with the cross-dressing comedy Work It— at the time, the network was almost certain to burn off the remaining episodes. Instead, the final five installments will likely fade into nothingness. Testosterone-fueled banality aside, Man Up! ’s most unforgivable sin was its inability to hold onto a strong lead-in.

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‘Man’ Down! ABC Sends Sitcom to the Showers

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