/// Why Today Is a Very Good Day to Update Java on Your Computer

December 2, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Consider yourself warned: Today is a very good day to update the version of Java running on your computer. This applies to you whether you run Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. If you’ve noticed your machine suggesting that you update Java, do it right away. The reason? A scary vulnerability in Java that was detected over the summer, and which Oracle has subsequently fixed, is being exploited by people who create the malware and crimeware that causes so many headaches for home users and corporate IT departments. The risk is especially acute at large companies with big fleets of desktop and notebooks to manage. If you’re a home user, the patch is easy to install. But most employees don’t have administrative privileges on their work desktops or notebooks, so someone from the IT department has to come and install the patch for them. That’s a big, time-consuming process, says HD Moore, chief security officer at Rapid7, a Cambridge, Mass-based company that specializes in helping companies stay ahead of new computer security vulnerabilities. He’s also the chief architect of Metasploit which Rapid7 owns. One of the reasons this particular vulnerability is so bad is that even after it was detected and fixed, it wasn’t fully understood how dangerous it is, Moore says.

Why Today Is a Very Good Day to Update Java on Your Computer

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