/// "Music Everywhere": Spotify’s "New Direction"

November 29, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Hey! Remember last week, when Spotify sent out that cryptic announcement about a press conference they’re holding this week, and said they’re headed in a “new direction”? Here’s what the music service is likely to announce: The ability to let third-party developers tap into Spotify’s music library and make it available to their own users — as along as those users are already paying Spotify for a premium account. That’s what Spotify has been discussing with developers for much of this fall. My educated guess is that the company plans to unveil its plans at its Wednesday event in New York. Wired’s Eliot Van Buskirk reached the same conclusion last week. Spotify reps won’t comment, and I’ve yet to find a developer who says they’re working with Spotify on the new project. And developers working on some music-based apps that would be logical candidates for a Spotify tie-up tell me they’re not helping the service launch its expanded API (application programming interface). Want more hedges? No problem: There’s an open question about whether Spotify would need to seek permission from the big music labels and publishers to open up its catalog to outsiders, or whether their existing deals will suffice. As you may recall, the last time Spotify needed permission from the labels — when it wanted to open up in the U.S. — the process took more than two years. (Shudder).

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"Music Everywhere": Spotify’s "New Direction"

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