/// Openmargin Hopes to Be More Than Social E-Reading (Video)

November 18, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Back in college, there was this trick to buying used books for class: If you were smart, you’d flip through and look in the margins to see how good the notes were. The idea was, why not get good help, even if it’s anonymous? (Even Harry Potter did it.) Openmargin , a start-up based in the Netherlands, is employing the old used-textbook trick to bring a similar experience to just about any e-book around. The company of three co-founders has built an iPad app, also called Openmargin, which allows users to create marginalia in their e-books, by indexing notes they take and comments they share to a highlighted area. Anyone else using the Openmargin app to read the same e-book will see the highlights and be able to drill down into the comments. “We started the company with the goal of helping users interact with people of similar interests,” co-founder Marc Köhlbrugge said. “And we chose the margins of a book as the place where people can connect.” At scale, that could mean downloading an e-book, opening it inside the Openmargin app, and discovering all kinds of shared thoughts, debates and conversations that had been “hidden” in the e-book you’d had all along.

Openmargin Hopes to Be More Than Social E-Reading (Video)

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