/// Zynga to Detail Game Plans for Facebook Apps at "Unleashed" Event

October 10, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus Zynga is planning to unveil “brand-spankin’ new play” at a press event tomorrow in San Francisco, where it is now expected to share its plans for leveraging Facebook’s new HTML5 mobile platform. Facebook’s platform, which was announced this afternoon, will run on Apple’s iOS devices and across the mobile Web. It will allow game developers to connect versions of the same application on PCs and mobile devices. To do so, developers will build the applications in HTML5, which is an emerging common Web language, rather than the more commonly used Adobe Flash technology. In addition to “selected titles” from Zynga, game developers EA, Moblyng, Storm8, Wooga are expected to launch games on the platform. A Zynga spokesperson declined to say too much about tomorrow’s event, but confirmed  it “will have HTML5 games coming soon to Facebook’s mobile apps site.” CJ Prober, SVP at EA Interactive, said, “HTML 5 is going to allow us to bring our Facebook social games to mobile users while addressing recent fragmentation challenges faced by the industry. While Flash has worked great for us in a PC environment, it is not supported on iOS and it performs inconsistently on Android, rendering most of our Facebook games unplayable in mobile browsers.” The first title for the new platform will be The Sims Social, coming later this fall. Storm8 CEO Perry Tam is looking forward to all the new eyeballs. “Facebook has created a viral channel where millions of people can encounter our games,” he said. “That definitely makes us more interested in developing for Facebook.” Zynga’s event tomorrow is called “Zynga Unleashed,” hinting at how its games will work on mobile or without wires

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Zynga to Detail Game Plans for Facebook Apps at "Unleashed" Event

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