/// How Foursquare and ESPN Ended Up on the Same Team

October 4, 2011  |  Media Week

Foursquare may be one of the hottest startups around, but director of partnerships Jonathan Crowley (brother of CEO Dennis) admits that it's not a household name on the level of Facebook and Twitter. One of the keys to getting to that next level? Crowley said today that it will be through deals like a recent one with ESPN. When users check-in to a sports location, Foursquare can pull information from ESPN, like what actual game is taking place. You could say that when a company like ESPN works with someone like Foursquare, the big name “legitimizes” the startup—but Crowley preferred to say that ESPN “introduced” Foursquare to a new audience. In fact, the day that the deal was announced, he said he started getting calls from other sports organizations that wanted to work together. For that reason, Crowley said the deal is already success. He admitted to some initial skepticism, because ESPN is owned by Disney and he assumed it would be stodgy and slow.

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How Foursquare and ESPN Ended Up on the Same Team

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