/// Zynga Sticks With Winning Formula for Mafia Wars Sequel

October 3, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Zynga has given a sneak peak to its first sequel, Mafia Wars 2, which is a follow-on to the hit game that originally appeared on Facebook back in 2008. The new game has adopted new game mechanics that have become standard in almost every Zynga game, such as decorating and building off a plot of land and visiting friend’s territories. But because it’s a mafia game, there’s a little bit more of an edge. Decorations include casinos and grow houses, and there’s grittier worlds to travel to, including the Neon strip. Oh yeah, there’s fighting, too. Players must amass weapons, armor and vehicles in order to be able to fight other characters or knock off their banks. But for those who already play Mafia Wars, many of the story plots will feel familiar, and for those who play other Zynga games, the game mechanics will be nearly identical. The sequel is part of Zynga’s efforts to systematically give major facelifts to some of its original game franchises on Facebook that helped define social games. Mafia Wars 2 will be available within the next few weeks. The gangster category on Facebook and mobile has been well established, so it’s hard not comparing it to other games already out there, such as Funzio’s Crime City. Also in the works is Kabam’s The Godfather, which takes place in New York and will have the brand power of the major blockbuster film. Given Zynga’s current install base of 4.4 million active monthly players on Mafia Wars, and it’s network of millions of others, the game will still likely be a hit.

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Zynga Sticks With Winning Formula for Mafia Wars Sequel

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