/// New Myspace Owners Set to Finally Unveil Their Strategy Today

October 3, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Specific Media plans to finally describe its plans for former social Web star  Myspace as part of Advertising Week in New York on Monday. But instead of a press conference or a product launch, the company will be addressing “CMOs and senior marketers” to tell them about advertising opportunities and show off Justin Timberlake. When Specific Media bought Myspace in June for $35 million and said it had wrangled Timberlake as an investor , the company pre-announced a press conference for August 17. (Kara Swisher had labeled the Timberlake bit as “stunt casting,” which is to say, “the worrisome look-at-the-shiny-celebrity approach.”) That press conference date was soon postponed, as the new owners’ progress on Myspace was more “incremental” than transformative, according to the Wall Street Journal . And last week, Specific laid off a small percentage of its staff, as reported by TechCrunch . In an emailed statement, Specific Media COO Chris Vanderhook described the layoffs as part of a streamlining process that reflected “big progress made toward achieving our goals.” As for tonight’s “Future of Myspace Talk,” Timberlake is set to appear — or at least someone named “Justin” is — according to an agenda sent to us by Myspace PR and printed below

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New Myspace Owners Set to Finally Unveil Their Strategy Today

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